Parts and Audits

Parts procurement and system audits are two of the most critical aspects of our automation implementation solutions. These services act as the foundation for your system’s specifications and capabilities. Our full-scope automation implementation solutions include these steps to maximize your material handling operations’ potential.

Parts Procurement

By working with our reliable and diverse supplier network, we can obtain parts for the integration of your new automation system. Our partners include well-established brands such as Amazon Robotics and GreyOrange that manufacture high-quality hardware and software. If you have an existing automation system from us that needs new components, you can also contact us for after-sale parts support.

Robotics used to move packages in warehouse automation

Automation System Audits

Each of our full-scope system integration projects begins with an audit of your existing technologies. The typical audit procedure takes eight to 10 weeks to allow us to develop a comprehensive solution. To determine your system requirements and workflow, we will evaluate aspects of your operations such as:


Comprehensive Automation Solutions for Your Business

We use our supplier network and audit insights to deliver full-scope automation solutions to wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers. Our service approach involves four steps:

  1. Consultation and audit: After discussing your efficiency and operational goals, we’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your facility.
  2. Part selection and system design: Based on the information we gathered in the previous step, we will design a comprehensive automation system and specify its parts.
  3. System installation and integration: With your custom system completed, we will perform the full installation and integration process for you.
  4. After-sale support: Once we have your systems up and running, we will provide ongoing assistance as needed.

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