Wholesale Distribution

At BlueSkye Automation, we understand that every wholesale distributor has unique operational needs. Your products, facility and past throughput trends all influence the effectiveness of an automation product for your business. As your automation partner, we will develop a turnkey solution to optimize your distribution workflow through the latest automation technology.


custom pick and pack solutions
Employee utilizing custom warehouse automation software

Our Wholesale Distribution Partners

We serve a variety of specialties in wholesale distribution, including:

  • Industrial supply
  • General merchandise
  • Apparel
  • Drop shippers
  • Convenience store items
  • Computer products

Advantages of BlueSkye Automated Systems for Wholesale Distribution

In the wholesale distribution sector, challenges like SKU expansion, e-commerce competition and increasing customer demand require intelligent solutions. BlueSkye Automation addresses the needs of wholesale distributors by supplying them with:

Full-Scope Automation Solutions

Let us work with you from conception to design on an automation system for your facility. Using the following four-step approach, we develop solutions that increase efficiency, throughput and safety:

  1. Consultation: During the consultation phase, we’ll discuss your automation goals and business challenges with you. Our team will examine your current operations and performance data to find ways to optimize them.
  2. System design: With your system goals established, our engineers will develop a facility layout and technology workflow to maximize your potential. They’ll select the appropriate technology to meet your operational needs.
  3. Installation: After we finish creating your system, our technicians will assemble and install it on-site at your facility. We’ll also provide any necessary training and documentation.
  4. Ongoing support: As needed, we’ll offer after-sale support to keep your system and operations running smoothly.
Order fullfillment

Wholesale Distribution Technologies

Our team works with a cutting-edge supplier network that includes trustworthy names such as Amazon Robotics and GreyOrange. We leverage these relationships to coordinate systems with warehouse distribution automation technologies such as:

  • Smart software
  • Advanced conveyor systems
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS)
  • Racking
  • Cutting-edge robotics
  • Automated order fulfillment and receiving systems

Optimize Your Operations With BlueSkye Automation

Tap into your facility’s full potential with smart automation from BlueSkye Automation. Schedule a free operational assessment by contacting our team