Your ability to quickly and safely palletize and de-palletize materials is critical to the productivity of your warehousing and distribution operation. To increase the speed and reliability of your automated case picking capabilities, make your first call to BlueSkye Automation. We are a leading source of turnkey integrated solutions that helps improve efficiency and reduce product waste and long-term expenses. Our knowledgeable, experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to identify the mixed case palletizers and related technologies capable of maximizing the potential of your business.

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Automated Pallet Warehouse Solutions

Automated order picking of mixed case pallets helps warehouses of many types and sizes increase throughput while lowering dependence on manual labor. We offer a variety of palletizing machines and can custom-configure an integrated system based on your plant layout and desired case per minute rate.

Our mixed case palletizers are capable of handling up to 200 cases per minute and hundreds of thousands of units a day. We offer a range of automated case picking equipment including low-level and high-level palletizers, stack and wrap systems, conventional and automated palletizers, warehouse pallet robots and more. Whether you’re working with cases, bundles, trays and totes or cartons, buckets, shrink wrappers or foiled packages, we have effective solutions for all of your applications.

Building a Better Automated Case Picking System

At BlueSkye Automation, we take a consultative approach to understanding your operation to deliver flexible, scalable solutions that solve your most significant challenges. Following a detailed assessment, our skilled representatives select the equipment and system design suited to your application and environment. We offer turnkey integration and installation and stand behind our systems and technology with exceptional after-sale support and operational assistance.

Along with automated pallet warehouse technology, we provide all the equipment you need to modernize your case picking system. We offer shuttle and conveyor systems, warehouse pallet robots, ASRS and a variety of other products. Systems run on the latest warehouse software designed to increase inventory management and distribution efficiency.

Partner with BlueSkye Automation for Palletization Solutions

Everything we do is geared toward helping our customers achieve long-term growth and profitability. We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering unmatched product knowledge and technical expertise. We only work with top-of-the-line providers of warehouse and distribution systems and technologies. Our services include:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical & Electrical Installation
  • Controls Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Implementation
  • On-site Support
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Audits
  • Documentation & Training

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