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You already know that every square foot of storage in your warehouse facility is valuable. You need a certain amount of floor space for your employees as well as the equipment you use. While some warehouse functions can be automated, reducing how much room you need, there are other solutions you can use to maximize your space even further.

Vertical storage solutions for warehouses allow you to make the most of the space you have in your facility by taking storage to new heights.

Instead of building your facility outward as your company grows and your needs change, build upward with vertical storage solutions.

Types of Vertical Storage Solutions

There are a variety of vertical storage solutions you can leverage in your facility to maximize space and efficiency. The most common systems are vertical lift modules and vertical carousels.

Vertical lift modules allow you to conveniently store items in your inventory in one location, minimizing the need for your employees to wander around the facility to locate the products they need to fulfill an order. Workers can input the code of the product they need, and the lift module will automatically deliver the item safely.

From the outside, a vertical carousel looks very similar to a vertical lift module. The difference lies in the inner workings of the equipment. Vertical carousels offer internal storage that rotates for easy access to the products or items that employees need.

The Advantages of Automated Vertical Storage in Warehousing

By taking advantage of the automated vertical storage technology available today, you can:

  • Increase safety: Traditional static shelves force warehouse employees to search for the parts they need, often bending, reaching and traveling from one shelf to the next. Automated vertical storage solutions, on the other hand, can deliver parts to the worker at the optimal height with the push of a few buttons. As a result, your employees will feel more comfortable and put themselves in fewer risky situations throughout a typical workday.
  • Improve security and inventory management: When you use automated vertical storage, all of your inventory is in one secure location. The equipment also tracks which products workers are accessing to give you a more accurate count of your inventory. If products are missing, you can access the logs in your database to figure out what happened.
  • Improve labor efficiency: When you have a large inventory, you can’t expect workers to know where to find all of the items they need to fulfill a given order. They are also unlikely to know the most efficient way around the facility to get all of the products they need. Automated vertical storage eliminates these issues, reducing idle time and letting you fulfill orders faster than ever.

Explore the Possibilities of Vertical Storage With BlueSkye Automation

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