Custom Automated Storage Warehouse

If your business relies on warehouse operations, you expect your employees to be as efficient as possible. Do you expect the same level of efficiency from the equipment you use?

Thanks to changes and improvements in technology, warehouse automation is becoming a reality for more and more businesses searching for ways to boost efficiency and improve their bottom line.

Warehouse Automation Types

There are many different types of warehouse automation. Some of the most common forms used by facilities today include:

  • Goods-to-person technologies (GTP): GTP technology offers a type of picking solution for workers. Instead of making workers travel to the products they need to pick, this technology brings the items directly to their station. Companies that leverage GTP technology can reduce their order fulfillment costs and operate more efficiently.
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS): Automated storage and retrieval systems are one form of GTP technology. This technology brings goods out of storage as needed and puts them back automatically when they’re no longer necessary.
  • Pick-to-light systems: These systems allow warehouse operators to scan a barcode to activate an LED display that guides the worker to the storage location of the item they need. This system keeps idle time to a minimum.
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs): AMRs often address the high volume of orders in e-commerce fulfillment facilities. AMRs might work alongside the staff in your warehouse by transporting full totes to the pack station and minimizing worker travel. Other AMRs might move boxes and trays from shelves to carts for transportation.

What Are the Benefits of Warehouse Automation Techniques?

Adopting warehouse automation techniques can have a wealth of benefits for your business. Some of the advantages include:

  • Reduction of manual errors: Even the best employees in your facility are bound to make mistakes from time to time, especially when the workload is high. Automation reduces worker stress and lowers the number of costly errors throughout your facility.
  • Increased speed: Warehouse automation speeds up the order fulfillment process, in part because an automated system can locate any given item in a warehouse almost instantly. Automated systems can also determine the quickest, most energy-efficient path to the products they need to retrieve.
  • Maximized space: If the aisles in your warehouse must accommodate workers and large pallet jacks, they need to be wide. Warehouse automation systems eliminate this need, allowing you to make the most of your space.
  • Higher accuracy for inventory management: Human error is one of the biggest hurdles in the way to getting an accurate inventory count. Warehouse automation streamlines this process and frees up your employees to focus on other tasks.
  • Enhanced safety: Warehouse automation reduces foot traffic throughout your facility, leading to fewer accidents and reducing the risk of product damage as staff manually moves product from one location to another.

Maximize Your Efficiency With BlueSkye Automation

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